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Cancerous cells were found in Jacqueline's neck in the spring of 2010. Her four-week course of radiotherapy led to ulceration in her mouth.

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Jacqueline Pike was diagnosed with cancer in her right lymph node at the end of April 2010 and after a series of operations testing other areas of her mouth and throat for cancerous cells Jacqueline started a course of radiotherapy at the end of June 2010. In the second week of treatment Jacqueline developed oral mucositis.

'I was warned about the ulceration, and I expected...maybe an ulcer maybe several, but not the joined up everywhere ulcer'

The ulcers came on almost overnight all across the inside of her right cheek and some on her gums, tongue and lips, so they were visible on the outside. The pus and mucous produced by the ulcers was very slimy and made Jacqueline's mouth feel revolting and unbearably painful.

'Just the physical act of trying to get food from the lips and swallow it seemed almost impossible'

In addition, her sense of taste was lost and distorted so that 'even bananas could taste like engine oil or nothing at all'

Jacqueline couldn't eat from the pain, lost her appetite and started to hate the sight of any food and couldn't bear to talk about meals or even watch others eat. Jacqueline rapidly lost a stone and a half in weight, 'I wasn't really overweight to begin with, so I couldn't afford to lose weight' and became very tired. Any movement or contact with her mouth was exceptionally painful which made talking a problem and Jacqueline was embarrassed to speak in case people saw the ulcers or she dribbled any of the mucous.

'Total one hundred per cent depression'

Jacqueline felt very low, angry and frustrated with the oral mucositis.

'One of the nurses in the radiotherapy unit offered me the Gelclair®. She gave me a couple of packets. I tried it that night and asked for more the following morning'

Gelclair® allowed Jacqueline to sleep better and made her mouth less dry and uncomfortable in the night and during radiotherapy sessions.

'Gelclair® gave some kind of comfort, a little relief from the pain'


Read Kathleen's Story
Kathleen was diagnosed with a rare tonsil cancer in May 2010 and a secondary tumour was found on her salivary gland. A five week course of radiotherapy unfortunately led to the development of oral mucositis.

Kathleen was diagnosed with a rare tonsil cancer in May 2010 and a secondary tumour was found on her salivary gland. To treat the tumours she underwent a five week course of radiotherapy to her head and neck during June and July. Unfortunately Kathleen developed oral mucositis which came as a frightening surprise as she had not been warned about this painful and debilitating side-effect of her radiotherapy treatment.  Kathleen's symptoms started in the second week of her radiotherapy course;

"The dry mouth, throat and particularly the heat in my mouth were strange and made me think something odd was going on. At first I thought I had a bad cold because of the mucous I was coughing up".

Kathleen then developed four ulcers on her tongue which gave her great difficulty swallowing, and were very sensitive and painful. An over-the-counter treatment for mouth ulcers recommended by the pharmacist was too painful to use, and although the anti-inflammatory painkiller that her GP prescribed her helped, Kathleen could not take it for an extended period of time.

"Neither my GP nor specialist had heard of oral mucositis so they weren't much help, but my cancer nurse diagnosed the condition and prescribed an anti-bacterial mouthwash when I first had the first symptoms"

The ulcers became worse so that Kathleen couldn't eat or drink much at all: soft and liquid food eaten slowly was the only option.  The sensitivity of her teeth and gums meant that even brushing gently with a soft brush was very painful and sometimes not possible at all.

"I even had trouble taking my diabetes medication and codeine pills unless they were broken up into small pieces or dissolved"

At the height of the problem Kathleen was eating and drinking so little from the pain that she lost three and a half stone from lack of nutrition and became so tired that she slept much of the day and could not walk unaided. In addition to the excruciating level of Kathleen's pain she suffered the social embarrassment of the mucous build-up.

"I had to cough up mucous mid-conversation and I was told that I was making slurping noises through the excess mucous. The mucous made my mouth feel dirty, slimy and disgusting.  I was so tired that I couldn't be sociable which made me feel very down about my situation especially as it felt there was no end in sight."

Kathleen finally found some relief when she spoke to her nurse about the problem and was prescribed Gelclair.

"When I used Gelclair my mouth felt much more comfortable, clean and the smooth texture was soothing and calming. The lack of odour and taste was a relief after the other mouthwashes" 


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This animation shows how Gelclair can help to relieve the pain of oral lesions and ulcers caused by oral mucositis.
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